We all have photos/slides/Super 8 8mm or VHS that mean the world to us.

Do you have insurance for your irreplaceable memories?

Don’t let the unexpected wipe out your old photos/slides/8mm or VHS . Insure their safety and have them converted to digital format.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg…   I will scan your photos starting at 15 cents each and slides starting at 20 cents each. Call Brian Sondergaard  at 250-908-7176 to book your project. All projects include free offsite storage.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming… I offer a free initial consultation ( if so desired ) to review your needs.

Memory insurance – for when you least expect it

Baby , Old Family & Wedding Photos/Slides

Childhood , Vacation & Special Event Photos/Slides

Super 8 & 8mm Reels

VHS tapes

Important Documents ( Current or Historical )

Small Business Documents (Current or Historical )

Photo Printing

Introducing Total Recall Digital Scanning

Advanced Technology Meets Small Town Process:

  1. View the RATES and/or CONTACT me to book a free initial consultation to evaluate your scanning needs (no project is too big or small).

  2. Drop your photos/slides/tapes/reels off in person @ Kimberley Kritters Pet Supply (550B Mark Street Mon. to Fri. 9AM to 6PM, Sat. 11PM to 4PM ) or I can arrange to have them picked up.

  3. Completed files will be emailed to you or they can be loaded onto a memory stick or DVD. I can also discuss options for cloud storage if interested.

  4. For Small Business document scanning call for a quote.

We Now Offer Super 8 and 8mm Reel Conversions


But it’s Not Just For Safekeeping

Beyond the peace of mind that comes with having your irreplaceable memories backed up in a high quality digital format, another major benefit is how much easier those photos, slides and videos become to view, share and actually enjoy—wherever you go.

This is something that is a lot harder to do if all your old photos, slides & videos are sitting in a box in the basement. And if you don’t know where to begin when it comes to making the most out of your new digital collection, I can help you bridge that gap.

I Now Offer Super 8 and 8mm Reel conversions

Get in touch today…

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There’s not a project too big, not a question too small.

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