We all have photos and slides that mean the world to us.

We Now Offer Photo Printing - up to 11x17

Do you have insurance for your irreplaceable memories?

Don’t let the unexpected wipe out your old photos and slides. Insure their safety and have them scanned into digital format.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg…   We will scan your photos starting at 15 cents each and slides starting at 20 cents each. A typical photo album can be done for less than $40.00. Call Brian Sondergaard  at 250-908-7176 to book your project. All projects include free offsite storage.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming… We offer a free initial consultation ( if so desired ) to review your needs.

Memory insurance – for when you least expect it

Baby photos

Wedding photos

Old Family photos

Childhood photos

Vacation and special event photos

Important Documents ( current or historical)

Introducing Total Recall Digital Scanning

Advanced Technology Meets Small Town Process:

  1. View our RATES and/or CONTACT us to book a free initial consultation to evaluate your scanning needs (no project is too big or small).

  2. Drop photos / slides off in person @ Kimberley Kritters Pet Supply (550B Mark Street Mon. to Fri. 11AM to 6PM, Sat. 12PM to 4PM ) or we can arrange to have them picked up.

  3. Completed scans will be emailed to you or they can be loaded onto a memory stick or DVD. We can also discuss options for cloud storage if interested.

We Now Offer Photo Printing - up to 11x17


But it’s Not Just For Safekeeping

Beyond the peace of mind that comes with having your irreplaceable memories backed up in a high quality digital format, another major benefit is how much easier those photos and slides become to view, share and actually enjoy—wherever you go.

This is something that is a lot harder to do if all your old photos / slides are sitting in a box in the basement. And if you wouldn’t know where to begin when it comes to making the most out of a digital photo collection, we can help you bridge that gap.

We Now Offer Photo Printing - up to 11x17

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