Are you like most people that have that big box of photos, slides, 8mm, Super 8 and VHS sitting buried in your basement?

Safeguard those memories by having them scanned into digital format! Not only does having your memories scanned in to a digital format keep them safe, it also allows for numerous ways to access, view, store and share your valued memories.

Total Recall Digital Scanning is a new, local Kimberley business that will convert all your physical media cost effectively—all your items will be converted locally and a quality product provided in a timely manner.

Even though the scanning technology used is advanced, we’ve tried to keep the process as close to that down-to-earth & personable experience we all love so much out here in the Kootenays. So if you have some irreplaceable memories sitting in a box somewhere, here’s the simple Total Recall Digital Scanning process for making sure those priceless keepsakes are not only kept safe for the future, but easily available to enjoy forever:

  1. View the RATES and/or CONTACT me to discuss your scanning needs (no project is too big or small).

  2. You can drop your photos/slides/tapes/reels off in person @ Kimberley Kritters Pet Supply (550B Mark Street, Monday to Friday 9AM to 6PM, Saturday 11PM to 4PM ) or I can arrange to have them picked up.

  3. Completed scans will be emailed to you or they can be loaded onto a memory stick or DVD. I can also discuss options for cloud storage if interested.

And that’s it, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your scanning needs today.

Brian E Sondergaard

250 908 7176