Having lost my parents and grandparents when I was young really amplified the importance of historical family photos and slides. It’s all I have to remember them by, so I obviously developed a passion to ensure they were preserved safely and made easily accessible. I took on the scanning task on 15 years ago, but at that time it proved to be very expensive and time consuming.


With recent advances in technology, I’ve discovered techniques to scan physical media to digital format in an efficient and cost effective manner. It really hit me this summer when we experienced the very real forest fire danger in Kimberley and evacuation alerts were issued. Other than ourselves and family, our pictures, slides and videos are the most valuable items that can’t be replaced. Beyond safety, another huge plus of having pictures, slides and videos in digital format is it makes it easy to view, share and enjoy them—which is hard to do when they’re in a box in the basement. As well with the ease of cloud and offsite based storage, you never have to worry about losing a part of your past.


A little bit about myself. My Fiancee and I and our 3 dogs live in Kimberley BC. We started Kimberley Kritters Pet food and Supply about 21 months ago, so we’re definitely here to stay. I am very involved in the community, I’m a board of director for the Kimberley & District Chamber of Commerce, a Lions club member and I attend/volunteer at most of Kimberley’s various festivals and events. I graduated from U of A in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science, specializing in Geophysics, so needless to say I’ve always been interested in “tech” stuff.

Brian E Sondergaard

250 908 7176